Ethnic Trade,
Ethnic trade at Merci Recklinghausen is an idea to connect authentic Indian tastes and flavours, through its food products and unique ingredients, with Europe. We draw our inspiration from this idea.

Modern Retail Trade,
Indian food products meet rising popularity and demand all the year around in Europe. However, modern retail shoppers look for convenience in the selection, with hoards of easy-to-pick options made available to reduce them the hassle of making choices. Merci Recklinghausen is equipped to serve all such consumer needs.
Merci Recklinghausen maintains ‘consumer-friendliness’ to the core of its major retailing decisions like shelving, market activities, and product innovations. We customise our products for optimally-sized, robust and handy packaging, placing appropriate nutrition labels stating the food contents, ingredients & preservatives, composition, and nutrition information, using the right language as per the geography and more.
Our authentic food products are made available at all modern food retail formats such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, and warehouse retailers.