Merci House

HEER Punjab is one of the most fertile regions on Earth. The region, right on the foot hills of Himalayas, high on nutrients and minerals because of the five rivers flowing through it to the ocean, is ideal for growing rice. ‘HEER Basmati rice’ gets its long slender-grained aromatic rice which is traditionally from the Indian Subcontinent. No ceremonial feast or a spread is complete without the savory HEER rice. There are three variants of these premium rice, like HEER Long Grain Superior Rice, HEER Golden Sella Basmati Rice and Easy Cook Sella Basmati Rice. Length of each grain for ‘HEER Basmati rice’ is extraordinary. The rice grain is remarkably long and the soft texture melts in the mouth to offer a heightened sensory experience. Known for its exceptional length and svelte shape, it has won popularity and is a fit for a range of cuisines.

HASINA means ‘beautiful’ which could be synonym to our long grain rice. These aromatic appetizing rice can be served for a daily menu and a regular palate. Be it any cuisine the rice preparation would promisingly be deliciously cooked and scrumptious turning any meal into a special one. Hasina Basmati range is a special variety of rice grain, specifically developed and processed for everyday cooking and consumption. It is fragrant and flavoursome as each grain is naturally aged. This rice segment is generously relished as part of multiple rice dishes prepared in households on a regular basis.

SCHANI can be marked as the best representation of unique Indian flavours and taste & exotic Indian culinary experience in Europe since 1990. With only vegetarian and vegan products, the product list at Schani is comprehensive and full of variety. The products range from wheat flour, lentils & legumes, traditional spices & ghee (Indian clarified butter), famous Indian pickles, mango pulp, cooking pastes, cooking sauces and chutneys, ready to serve meals, Indian flat breads such as ‘Naan’, frozen range and much more. The products by Schani contain natural ingredients retaining the true character of Indian cuisine.

NAMASTE is a premium lager beer welcoming you to the Indian cuisine and offering genuine difference in taste suitable with Tandoori and curry dishes and perfectly matching the variety of spices in the Indian cuisine, Namaste is wonderfully refreshing. It is produced using traditional Indian recipe adhering to European quality standards.

BEGUM is a classic, versatile rice suitable for a variety of meals including desserts.