Food Service

Food Service On the demand & preference radar, Indian cuisine, food products, and ingredients rank high, landing in the top slots more often in the European market. Merci Recklinghaunse is evolving in tandem with the growing demand and satisfying the emerging requirements of professional kitchens, restaurants, caterers, and wholesellers, with innovative solutions.
Indian food preparation is both labour and time intensive. Limited know how of authentic products and lack of cooking instructions makes the job even more challenging for the food service providers across Europe.
To cater to such needs, Merci Recklinghaunse offers an extensive range of preportioned packages for bulk and small kitchens and provide optimal packaging options to suit the storage capacity, helping waste prevention on the sidelines. Merci Recklinghaunse deep-frozen food range ensures extended shelf life, consistent
quality, and constant availability. With clear product information, cooking advice and recipe shares, Merci Recklinghaunse provides ultimate food solutions to meet the convenience and efficiency goals of the food service industries.