About Us

With over 25,000 sq.m store spread now, Merci Recklinghausen provides an extensive range of genuine Indian food items, sourced from premium brands. This journey of ‘humble beginnings turned great success’ Merci Recklinghausen identifies with the customer’s requirements to drive a well organised and efficient distribution network all over Europe.

Distribution Spread,
Merci Recklinghausen has been importing Indian and Asian food products from around the world. Professinally importing more than 1,100 containers a year requires a high degree of expertise when it comes to customs, cargo contingents and so much more.
These products are stored at different Merci Recklinghausen branch offices and further distributed to wholesalers, distributors and large customer base. Thus has the synergies to distribute effeciently throughout Europe and making sure that quality products are delivered to our costumers.